News Cycle Survival 101 with an NPR reporter. Ep. 16

June 9, 2017

How do you keep your sanity while covering the news in the Trump era? This week we're talking with NPR congressional correspondent, host of the NPR Politics Podcast and proud Fordham alum Scott Detrow. Scott has some great tips for keeping up with the news without drowning in it.

Pro-tip: Listen to jesuitical while bike riding. Church can help, too.

In this week’s Signs of the Times, our self-described “tone deaf” pope belts out some hymns while at Mass with Charismatic Catholics, and our self-described “evangelical Catholic” vice president says, “American Catholics have an ally in President Trump.” Next, it has been said, “You can take away a relic of Don Bosco, but you can’t take away Don Bosco from the church or the world.” Well, that’s a relief, because last week a thief stole fragments of the 19th-century Italian saint’s brain on display at a church in Castelnuovo.


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