Fr. James Martin: L.G.B.T Catholics have been treated like dirt. We can do better. Ep. 17

June 16, 2017

This week, Father James Martin tells us why he was disappointed with how many church leaders spoke about the Orlando attack (very few uttered the word “gay”)—and what he’s doing to change the conversation within the church between the hierarchy and L.G.B.T. Catholics. (This being the prolific Jim Martin, there is a new book involved.)

Zac Davis is in China. Sad! But we have found a Jesuit Zach to take his seat. Zach with an H works in prisons and with the formally incarcerated in New York City and we so enjoyed his company that we invited him to come back next week.

In Signs of the Times: Who wore it better, Francis or JPII? According to the tailors and cobblers of Rome, papal fashion is changing under our Jesuit pope—and it’s hurting business. Zach makes the case for bringing back the lace. Next, Pope Francis: Venture Capitalist? Not quite, but the Vatican has given its blessing to the “Laudato Si’ Challenge,” a tech accelerator focused on finding solutions to climate change. (At least someone read the pope’s encyclical.) That and more this week in Jesuitical.




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